Turkey’s Syrian blowback

... it decided that the time had come to turn on its Turkish hosts. It is important to note that IS directed acts of terrorism in Turkey have long predated Operation Euphrates Shield , Ankara's military intervention against the group in Syria which ... [Read entire story]

Cal Thomas: More terror, more denial

... a different kind of infection is invading Europe and increasingly the United States. It's called radical Islamic terrorism. The West continues to admit people from terrorist countries, people who have been infected with this killer disease, ... ... [Read entire story]

Russia: Syria ceasefire deal reached

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a ceasefire between the Syrian government and the opposition, Russian state media TASS reports. "Reports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we all have looked and ... [Read entire story]

Report: Syrian truce ripening

Turkey and Russia are discussing a broader cease-fire for Syria after brokering the deal that evacuated rebels from eastern Aleppo, Syrian opposition factions said Wednesday. Turkey's Anadolu news agency said Wednesday morning that Ankara and Moscow ... [Read entire story]

Dear Donald Trump

... assassination is being characterized as a prompt for the U.S. and Russia to form an alliance in the fight against terrorism. Voila. Just what Putin and Trump have been angling for. Anyway, you can now start hanging with Putin. Just don't look ... [Read entire story]