No First Use

Quote of the week: “A ‘no first use’ policy would be the end of flexible response and thus of the very credibility of the Western strategy of deterrence.” – Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig, speech at Georgetown ... [Read entire story]


News from the terrorism and counterterrorism fronts has been grim of late. Extremists-with or without the support of armed groups-have staged a horrific run of attacks on the general population. Read entire story. Source: ... [Read entire story]

Club Membership

India tried hard to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group with strong backing from the Obama Administration. It was a bridge too far. There was no consensus at the NSG meeting in Seoul to accept India’s candidacy, which was muddied by China’s advancement ... [Read entire story]

The Second Coming of MIRVs

If the Pentagon is to be believed, the second coming of MIRVs is upon us, this time in Asia, with China’s deployment of the DF-5B missile. The advent of MIRVs in the first nuclear age was ruinous to prospects for keeping a tight lid on the superpower ... [Read entire story]