Naftali Bennett

... target - victory; and coming out of the echo chamber shared by politicians and the media elite about containing terrorism. Bennett was followed by the deposed defense minister Moshe Ya'alon, who openly accused him of seeking Facebook likes rather ... [Read entire story]

Syrians: Israelis’ missiles hit again

... warn the Israeli enemy of the repercussions of this blatant attack and stress that it will continue its war on terrorism," the military statement published by the Syrian Arab News Agency said. On Dec. 7, the Syrian government reported Israel ... [Read entire story]

Kerry’s False Moral Equivalence

... tirade was when he listed what he said are the two major obstacles to peace: "settlement expansion" and terrorism. That rubbery term "settlement expansion" is a nefarious-sounding description of such less-than-nefarious actions as a family ... [Read entire story]

Obama to Israel: Drop Dead

A headline that would become famous appeared in the New York Daily News in October 1975 after then-President Gerald Ford denied federal assistance to spare the city from bankruptcy. It read: "Ford to City: Drop Dead." Read entire story. Source: ... [Read entire story]