Terrorism Is Faster Than Twitter

Before the recent attack in Lower Manhattan, an ISIS online publication offered tips on how to use a truck for “reaping large numbers of casualties.” Read entire story. Source: Terrorism ... [Read entire story]

The Next Middle East War, Post-ISIS

Islamic State is in fatal decline. The Middle East will soon enter a new era, post-Islamic State, dominated by the Saudi-Iranian power struggle. The struggle will, as it has as it ran alongside the fight against Islamic State, involve shifting Sunni ... [Read entire story]

Can Bin Laden Heir Salvage Jihad in Syria?

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Out of the ashes left by ISIS's battlefield defeats, a new al-Qaida branch is trying to stake a claim in Syria. Ansar Al Furqan Fi Bilad Al Sham announced its formation Oct. 9. It is comprised of jihadists who had been affiliated with other terrorist ... [Read entire story]