Libyan PM deplores desecration of Sufi shrine

Tripoli, Jan 2 Libya's United Nations backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj has condemned the raid on the Sufi tomb of Mahdi bin Mohammed Senussi, father of Libyas former king Idris Senussi in the southeast city of Kufra. In a statement to ... [Read entire story]

Starved, beaten, enslaved

Nigerian migrants returning home from Libya each come with their tale of horror - but few are more shocking than the ones told about a detention centre in the mountains, writes the BBC's Stephanie Hegarty. As evening falls on Benin City, outside ... [Read entire story]

Libya Puts 142 Migrants on Plane Back to Guinea

Libya put 142 illegal migrants on a flight back to Guinea on Wednesday with the help of the U.N. migration agency, officials said, as the North African country steps up deportations to ease severe overcrowding in its detention centers. The number of ... [Read entire story]