Trump makes right turn on Iran – The Hill

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The HillTrump makes right turn on IranThe HillPresident Trump's decision Friday to quickly slap new sanctions on Iran after it conducted a ballistic missile test signals the hard turn the new administration intends to take with Tehran. It capped ... [Read entire story]

A view into Iran by way of Arthur Miller

If Iranian director Asghar Farhadi wins his second foreign-language film Oscar, for "The Salesman," he just might thank Arthur Miller. For the Iranian writer-director, best known for his Oscar-winning "A Separation" , the renowned playwright's ... [Read entire story]

President Trump, Iran embark on public feud

A day after the Trump administration put Iran on notice for its launch of a ballistic missile, a war of words erupted between the President Donald Trump and the Iranian government, with Trump insulting Tehran on Twitter and the Iranians responding in ... [Read entire story]

Gas or power export profitable for Iran?

News selected on topics and regions - oil and gas, business, politics, IT, the South Caucasus, the Caspian Sea region, Central Asia Ranking of the Azerbaijani banking sector While Iran's energy minister says the drop in gas export price is 1.5 ... [Read entire story]