Celebrating Terrorism, Palestinian Style

Shortly after the Jerusalem bus terror explosion attack on April 18, a number of Palestinian factions rushed to issue statements applauding the "heroic operation" and urging Palestinians to pursue the path of armed struggle against Israel. The ... [Read entire story]

Senegal, US Sign Defense Cooperation Agreement

The United States and Senegal say they have signed an agreement easing access for U.S. troops should they need to deploy to the West African nation in the case of a humanitarian or security crisis Read entire story. Source: RSS for Terrorism ... [Read entire story]

The world owes Pakistan – The Express Tribune

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The Express TribuneThe world owes PakistanThe Express TribuneThere might be some truth in the fact that the world owes Pakistan, but the logic behind how is a bit shifty and this logic originates from an unlikely source – Donald Trump. Trump, in some ... [Read entire story]

Buy F-16s on your own, US tells Pakistan

The United States has told Pakistan it will have to finance the purchase of US F-16 fighter jets itself after members of the US Congress objected to the use of government funds to pay for them. Republican Senator Bob Corker said US fund should not be ... [Read entire story]