America Held Hostage

The United States recently conducted a raid in Yemen to free an American hostage. The raid failed. The Navy Seals killed 11 people, including a 10-year-old boy. The kidnappers executed the hostage, journalist Luke Somers. They also killed South ... [Read entire story]

Do They Really Oppose Torture?

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its long-awaited report on CIA torture of detainees and the reaction has been strong. While some still maintain that torture is justified, the emerging details of the program have left most of the country ... [Read entire story]

Palestine’s land conflict – The Economist

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The IndependentPalestine's land conflictThe EconomistFEW Palestinian towns are as tranquil and prosperous as Turmusaya. Red-roofed homes dot the valley and palm trees line the road leading to it, like a resort in Florida, where many of its people ... [Read entire story]

Inside Syria’s civil war – CBS News

Inside Syria's civil warCBS NewsLife was so hard during the siege of Homs in Syria's civil war that residents like Simav were reduced to eating grass to survive. She says she even looked forward to the times when she had to go out looking for ... [Read entire story]

Old problems, new hope – The Economist

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The EconomistOld problems, new hopeThe EconomistYet while the Taliban have very clearly not been defeated militarily, politically they have been routed. There was a good turnout in two rounds of the presidential election earlier this year—with nearly ... [Read entire story]