Six years later, are we ready?

... is to electronically listen to every conversation till the suspected terrorist can be separated from the innocent. Terrorism is far from being noble, follows no rules and is not likely to disappear suddenly. Counter-terrorism can be harsh but is ... [Read entire story]

Left to the mercy of the Taliban – BBC News

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BBC NewsLeft to the mercy of the TalibanBBC NewsInterpreters who worked with US forces in Afghanistan are being hunted down by the Taliban. Thousands have emigrated to the US but others have been blacklisted, refused a visa, and left in grave danger. ... [Read entire story]

Egypt: Cabinet Approves Broad Antiterrorism Bill

Egypt’s cabinet approved a draft antiterrorism law on Wednesday that would give the government blanket power to ban groups on charges ranging from harming national unity to disrupting public order. Read entire story. Source: NYT > Terrorism ... [Read entire story]